Want an easier and better way to do your glue ups? 

We can’t make it dry any faster but we can help make the job easier and a bit neater. In fact it will also be more precise with less waste. 


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First, its best to start with the right glue.

The glue we recommend is

The Ultimate.

It dries quicker than tacky

glue.  Its thicker too.

Tip: when your glue gets

too thick...simply add 3 drops

of water...NO MORE.

Then stir it well. I use the

handle of a long paint brush.


The next thing that will help when doing your glue ups is a smaller bottle.  The usual size we all work with is 4 ounces or 8 ounces.   TOO BIG!!!

The following is a suggestion on how to get the most out of your glue and save time and money.

First, store your glue top down.  The glue will always be ready at the opening when needed.

Second, always clean the glue bottle tip before storing it.


Transfer your white glue to a smaller bottle for easier handling, less waste, more precise application.

First remove the caps from the glue and the small bottle.


Next, insert the tip of the glue bottle into the small bottle and squeeze the glue into the small bottle.

Its easer if you squeeze the small bottle first and let the glue fill the void.


Next, clean the tips of both the glue and the small bottles and replace the tips.


Want a precise bead  of glue?

Screw on a stainless steel tip on the small bottle.


Tired of trying to locate a pin to put in the end of the tip?   Throw away the pins. You won’t need them with our glue bottle holder.  Custom made to hold the little bottles.

Simply use and store with the tip down in the well.


When the tip is placed in the well with a little bit of glue at the bottom of the well, it seals out the air so that when you are ready to use it again you pick up the bottle and the dried glue sticks in the well and your tip is ready to dispense glue right away.

Wood glue:

We recommend Sand-N-Stain wood glue.

It sets up faster, acts like contact cement and provides a strong bond on Wood-to-Wood applications.

Because it is wood glue it dries hard and is not flexible like white glues. For this reason it is not recommended to leave the stainless steel tip on the small bottle applicator for more than 15-30 minutes without cleaning out the tip.

It is still better to use the small bottle for the wood glue.  The holders for the wood glue have three small wells.  One for the lid, one for the tip and one is the well.  Again, the glue dries fast so it is recommended not to store the small glue bottle of wood glue without the cap in place. 

Click here to see the different glue holders, stainless tips and the glues we carry.

Traveling???   Much easier to take along the small bottles.

Stucco from nothing but acrylic paint.  No need for sand or powder.